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Why Fiber Optic ?

Greater Bandwidth

Fiber optic cables provide more bandwidth for carrying more data than copper cables of the same diameter.

Longer Distances

Fiber optic cables can carry signals much farther than the typical 328-foot limitation for copper cables.

Faster Speeds

Fiber optic cables are able to carry signals at speeds that are only about 31% slower than the speed of light.

Better Reliability

Fiber is immune to temperature changes, severe weather and moisture, all of which can hamper connectivity of copper cable.

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    Fiblit Fiber Optic Co.Ltd. was founded in 2007 through Automac, After 10 years become separate brand with a high-tech enterprise dedicated to research and development. 

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    Fiblit is working to be a first-class optical communication enterprise, through providing the best quality and services for our products, technology and services.

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